Praying For Our Priests

I imagine that being a priest in today's world is far from easy. It seems to me that many people spend a lot of time complaining about their priests or priests in general. Their time would be much better spent praying instead of complaining.
I think sometimes that many of us forget that priests are human beings, born with original sin just like the rest of us. I also believe that being called to this vocation also puts them on the front lines, so to speak. Think about what our priests do everyday; they offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Through them Christ makes Himself present to us on our altars so that we can receive Him. And don't you know the devil knows this! No priests-no Jesus! So more than anything our priests need our prayers.
Fr. Mark over at Vultus Christi has reminded us that a wonderful practice would be to offer a Holy Hour of Adoration and Reparation for priests on Thursday of each week. Now that is time well spent! It is also a wonderful practice to begin as we approach The Year of the Priest declared by Pope benedict XVI. Pray that good priests remain that way and deepen their realtionship with Christ. Pray that priests who struggle with their vocation will find strength and not have a divided heart. Fr. Mark offers a prayer we can use during our Holy Hour. Click the link to go to Vultus Christi. Then find some time today to sit with our Lord and pray for His priests. In the event that you are unable to make a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament, father also has the answer for that as well.
May God bless and protect our priests.
St. John Vianney, pray and intercede for our priests.


Father Mark said…
Thank you, Karinann.
Father Mark (Vultus Christi)
simplebeauty said…

Thank you for your kind comment and your prayers. I think today will be better. I stayed home with my little girl.

Many blessings to you....