Who Would Have Thought?!

Not me~that's for sure, but here I am at my 100th post! When I began this blog late last November, I did it purely on a whim. I happened to be on another blog drooling over an awesome cookie recipe and saw the "Create Your Own Blog" link at the top of the page. So I thought why not- I'll see how long it lasts.
If you are wondering about the title, it came from something one of my favorite priests said to me after I had made a confession. He said, "Karin, you are a Daughter of the King." I remember thinking how truly amazing that is. I do try to remember the truth of that and try to do my best to live up to it; some days I do better than others~ some days I fall flat on my face. So I thank God for the Sacrament of Reconciliation!
When I realized I was about to hit this blogging milestone, I wanted to wait for the perfect thing to write about. Well, nothing truly inspiring has come and to be honest I am just plain tired of waiting! So I figured a little self- promotion wouldn't be a terrible idea. I went back through my archives (this in and of itself was a fun activity)and pulled five of my favorite posts. Here they are in chronological order because I am somewhat of a Type A personality.

The first is just that~my first post titled New Explorations. It's just a bit of an introduction, so if you are new to this blog, you may want to start there.
Next is a post I wrote after spending the day with a good friend who inspired me with her Catholic Backbone.
Number three is from January titled Returning Home; it is one of my reflections on the Real Presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
Moving right along, number four is about one of our greatest, but perhaps most under-rated saints. Read Unsung Hero for my musings on St. Joseph.
Finally you can read how I find that Everything is Easier With Jesus.
For those of you who follw on a regular basis, I thank you. You have had nothing but kind words over these last few months and I appreciate and am blessed by your visits. If you have just stumbled upon this humble little blog, welcome. I pray you find something to perhaps feed you soul.
One thing I have learned since that first post is that blogging is a very humbling experience. I realize that if anyone finds any good in anything I write, it is not me but God working through his lowly creature.
I hope you have enjoyed your visit.
God Bless!


SAHMinIL said…
congrats on your 100th post :)
Deanna said…
What a great number and to think, this time last year you didn't have a blog and now...number 100 posting is published.

What a difference a year can make.

God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog.

I enjoy your blogging friendship,
Congratulations! Your blog has been a blessing!
Karinann said…
Thanks everyone!
RAnn said…
Congrats and I'm glad you are participating in Sunday Snippets
Nod said…
Way to go ... and keep on blogging!