Fulfilled In Your Hearing

 *Reflection based on the Gospel for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. Luke 4:14~21

 James Tissot: Jesus Unrolls Scroll In the Synagogue

You are among those in the synagogue the day Jesus returns to His hometown of Nazareth. He gets up to read from the prophet Isaiah. As he stands before those gathered, all becomes still and quiet. You watch Him intently. Yes, this is the son of the carpenter Joseph; you remember seeing him during the days he grew up here, but now there seems to be something different about Him.
He begins to read, but it is more than just someone reading words from a page. He seems to read the words with a conviction and authority that strikes something deep within you. As He finishes and hands the scroll back to the attendant, you hear whispers from those around you. They too seem to be affected by Jesus' words; especially those with which He ended: "This day this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing." 
The Jewish people have been waiting for the Messiah. Did this man, the boy who grew up in Nazareth, mean to imply, to say that He is the Messiah?  You remain very quiet. His words do not affect you the way they seem to be affecting the others. The whispers are now turning to anger. Jesus leaves the synagogue and an angry mob follows Him. You don't follow the crowd; you remain there in the synagogue for a few more moments. The words you have just heard Jesus say play over and over again in your mind; they begin to take root in your heart, and you believe, you know He is the Messiah!
It seems quiet outside now; the crowd seems to have dispersed. As you walk out of the synagogue, a bystander recounts what went on out here. The mob tried to run Jesus off a cliff! This person tells you though that Jesus seemed to walk right through them unharmed.
You begin to walk along the path leading you back home and in the distance you see someone sitting on a rock. As you get closer, you can see that it is Jesus. Part of you wants to run up to Him and ask Him a million questions, but you think better of it. You simply stop in front of Him and smile; He returns the smile. In His eyes, you see a deep and intense love. In your eyes, He sees a deep and abiding faith.
You continue on home content in the knowledge that God has kept His promise; the promise of the Messiah.

View of Nazareth

Dear Jesus,
I know and believe that You are the Messiah, our Lord and Savior, but still I find there are times that my heart becomes hardened. I become blind to the Way you show me, the Truth You proclaim and the Life You are and offer to me. Through Your Sacraments, heal my heart of stone and make it one of flesh. Stay with me, Lord so that I may never be blinded by my own pride or the trappings of the world. Unite my heart to Your own Sacred Heart; conform my will to Your Holy Will so that my life will always proclaim Your Way, Your Truth and Your Life.


Gabriella said…
Thank you for this beautiful reflection and point of view!

'I came but mine knew me not' ...
Mary333 said…
This was a great meditation. I love to do this, too! To place ourselves there seems to help immensely. I also joined you in your beautiful prayer. If I don't stay glued to the Lord's side I can feel the hardening of my heart and the backsliding. It starts slowly then starts snowballing and so I always have to be watchful and pray for a soft heart. Thank you, I loved your post!
Anne said…
Thanks for putting me in the scripture Karinann! I love your prayer.
Karinann said…
I'm glad you found this reflection beneficial. This is truly a work of the Spirit; I couldn't write them!
I've gotten a fair amount of feedback on the last two I did; I may see if this is where God wants to go with these Sunday Meditations.
~ Judy ~ said…
WOW! That really came to life!
AWESOME post! Thank you Karinann!
Michael said…
I'm going to echo what everyone else wrote - this was a wonderful post written from a unique perspective.

Thank you for giving us a great way to spend time with our Lord.

God Bless you
Karinann said…
Thank the Holy Spirit, everyone! :)
Sadie said…
I just read this and got all warm inside... thank you so much... This is going to be my dream tonight :).