The Beauty Of The Crucifixion

 I found this quote by Hans Urs Von Balthasar at Fr. Christensen's blog White Around The Collar. I found the quote very powerful giving much for meditation as well. I thought I would share it with all of you here. The world sees the crucifixion as a horror and Jesus' greatest failure, our faith and this quote show us that despite the horror and the shame, there is also great beauty if we go deeper into it. Thanks Father for sharing this quote.
"Both the person who is transported by natural beauty and the one snatched up by the beauty of Christ must appear to the world to be fools, and the world will attempt to explain their state in terms of psychological or even physiological laws (Acts 2.13). But they know what they have seen, and they care not one farthing what people may say. They suffer because of their love, and it is only the fact that they have been inflamed by the most sublime of beauties - a beauty crowned with thorns and crucified - that justifies their sharing in that suffering."


Colleen said…
Wow. Beautiful. Thank you, Karinann. Hugs.
Mary333 said…
Gave me shivers! I see great beauty in Jesus' suffering face. This is usually how I write most of my poems, by meditating on this.

Thanks again for picking St. Francis for a patron saint for me this year. It was a very good one for me. I am reading the book I,Francis and can barely put it down. Everything about this saint touches my heart. I think it's one of the best (top 3) saint books I have ever read. I always loved St. Francis but I have been digging more into his life since you chose him :)
Sadie said…
Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing Karinann. I told someone recently "either we are on our way to the greatest of all destinies, or we are fools" in regards to faith. If this person had been prepared for a more deeper look into the beauty of our faith, this quote would have been perfect.

God Reward You!
Karinann said…
Mary- Glad to hear St Francis is interceding for you and that you found some reading to get to know him better. He chose you for a reason.

Sadie- you never know the quote may become appropriate for this person at a later time.

Colleen- Wow is right!
Blessings to you all!
Daily Grace said…
Such a beautiful reflection. Thank you.
Gabriella said…
What beautiful words, Karinann - thank you for bringing them to our attention.

Himself the source and author of all beauty, his own beauty eclipses all.