The Third Floor Window: A Review

The Third Floor Window by Colleen Spiro is a story of pain and suffering, but also one of hope and healing. Colleen has courageously told her story of childhood incest. Sexually abused by her father, her childhood was robbed from her. The wounds that this heinous crime inflicted would go with her into adulthood, but in Jesus Christ Colleen found the Light that would lead her to healing and hope for a renewed sense of self worth, and for  a life to be truly lived.
Colleen thought that she had put her past behind her until the clergy sexual abuse crisis broke in the Catholic Church. With this scandal came all of Colleen's painful memories from her past~ those memories deeply buried came quickly rising to the surface. The questions that she kept hearing were, "Why didn't the victims tell anyone? Why did they wait so long?" Colleen answers these questions beautifully in her book.
This is not an issue that affects only the victims and their abusers; it is an issue that affects all of us. Much of society does not want to hear or talk about this because it is too painful. Colleen's story will convince you that it must be talked about. She also shows how once healing has begun, her voice can be found. She can boldly educate others and show other victims that this same hope and healing she has found can be theirs as well.
When I began reading the book, I simply expected to learn more about Colleen's story and perhaps more about the effects of childhood sexual abuse. What I didn't expect was to see some of my own life in her story.
While I am not the victim of incest or any kind of physical abuse, I did suffer horrible emotional abuse during my marriage. I also experienced great shame due to an abortion I had 22 years ago. Some of the same questions Colleen asked, I had also asked during these experiences in my own life. In the process of my own healing I had wanted to know "Where was God when all this was going on?" Colleen asked that same question. As I read the book I was amazed to see that we both got the same answer in slightly different ways; Christ was there weeping.
I am not saying everyone who reads this book will be able to relate it to their own life experience, but everyone, no matter what their life is like, needs hope. We need hope for ourselves and for our society.
Colleen's story shows that in the darkest of circumstances, Jesus Christ is the source of that hope and healing.
Thank you,Colleen for your courage in telling your story and for your compassion in helping other victims.
You can find out more about Colleen and details for obtaining her book by visiting her blogs: Thoughts On Grace and Surviving By Grace.


Colleen said…
Karinann, beautiful review! Thank you so much. You really caught the message of the book. I am grateful. Hugs.
Just Be Real said…
Great review on someone who is very real! Glad you were blessed as well and were able to see something in your own life. Thank you for taking the time to share with your readers! Blessings.
Colleen's book tells my story of incest in so many ways. She is a beautiful person with a generous heart. Her book offers hope for other survivors. Thanks for writing this beautiful review of her book. Her healing journey needs to be shared.
Colleen said…
Survivors are reading your review and have told me they like it very much! It gives us hope when each of our stories are being told - that others may be led to recovery and healing. You are helping to do that with your review. Amazing how the Holy Spirit does that! Hugs!
Karinann said…
I am so glad you are receiving positive feedback on the book review. I pray more people will read the book~especially those who are still in need of healing. As you can see, I've received some positive comments about your book as well.
Ain't God grand! :)

Thank you for your comments. I am glad you have read Colleen's book and I agree her story as well as those of other survivors needs to be told. I have never met Colleen in person, but her beautiful heart comes through in her writing both in her book and on her blogs.
Mary333 said…
I sure hope my previous comment on Colleen's book didn't get lost in the blogosphere! It disappeared on me but I'm hoping it went through.
Karinann said…
Did you post the comment here or on her blog? If here, I am afraid it is floating in cyberspace. That happened to me the other day when I tried to publish a comment someone left- blogger said it published, but it never appeared.
Mary333 said…
I commented here. They disappear once in a while :)
At least I think I commented here!

Colleen's book had a powerful impact on me, too. I actually got another healing after reading it. She is very special and I was touched by her ability to forgive despite the obstacles. We could all learn from her. Sexual abuse of children bothers me more than any other sin in the world and I think it happens more often than we think.
Karinann said…
Thanks for reposting your comment. I read your last post about your recent healing after reading Colleen's book; truly awesome!
God has given Colleen tremendous grace and she has cooperated with it beautifully.
In my years as a classroom teacher I have unfortunately had several students who were abused- one sexually; it is a horrible thing to witness.
Colleen's story will help so many.