What The World Will Never And What Catholics Should Never Accept

One of the books I read early on in my return to my faith was The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur. She was a French married laywoman who lived between 1866 and 1914. Her husband, Felix was not a believer until after Elisabeth's death when he found her diary. He not only converted but became a priest as well!
Those of you who subscribe to Magnificat read the meditation for today written by Elisabeth Leseur. There were several lines that stood out for me in this brief reflection; one was: "The chasm between souls can only be filled by God." There is a great divide between all of us souls roaming the earth. She goes on to talk about how the world approves and allows just about everything and anything and that it will not tolerate those who give any of themselves to God; the world seems to feel deprived of those things we who live for God keep from the world.
Part of the reason I was so struck by what she wrote was because she wrote this back in the late 1800's ~early 1900's, but it is true of today's world probably more than ever.
The writing ended with this quote: "The love of God is the only eccentricity the world does not and will never accept." Just look at what is going on in the world today with all the attacks on the Holy Father and the Church itself to see proof of that statement.
There are many who live there lives for God defending the Faith, there are also those who may want to and can't take the heat that may come from doing so, some of these are those who are called to lead and teach us.
No sooner did I finish reading this reflection by this holy woman and Servant of God, did I come across this story over at Catholic Culture. The story is about a presentation given by Sara Bendoraitis at the University of Scranton. This woman supports abortion rights and the use of artificial contraception; both go against the teaching of the Catholic Church. The University of Scranton is a Jesuit run  university, and in my humble opinion this woman had no business even being invited to speak.
When newly ordained Bishop Bambera expressed his concern to the university's president, Fr. Scott Pilarz. SJ, Father Pilarz told the bishop he would attend the function to make sure that :"the principles of Catholic teaching are upheld."
Now maybe I am missing something, but I am not sure how a woman who supports abortion and birth control can speak without those views even remotely seeping into whatever she planned to speak about. In which case I am also not sure how the principles of Catholic teaching were going to be upheld.
I don't know the "can's and can'ts" of what the bishop is able to do in this situation (i.e. forbidding the university president to allow such speakers) I also don't have the specifics of Ms. Bendoraitis' talk. It just seems to me that this is a slippery slope.
I do not mean to go on a rant or criticize the bishop. This type of thing seems to be happening in more than just one or two so called Catholic colleges. As I said it is a slippery slope, and I just think we need to stay off of it all together.
If I have spoken out of turn or without enough fact, I apologize for that. I realize that our Catholic colleges are responsible for turning our young adults out into this world of ours, but they need to teach them and prepare them for this world in the light of the Truth that is Christ and His teachings. Those are the tools our young people need.
When I read this article, the truth of what Elisabeth Leseur said about the world not accepting the things of God became crystal clear.
As I said, this post was not meant to be a rant or an attack against the way bishops do their very difficult job, perhaps it is my way of relating how the world has not changed much since Elisabeth's day~or maybe it has; it has gotten worse.
I pray that all of our bishops and priests use the gift of fortitude to teach the truth of our Catholic faith convenient or inconvenient. I also pray that all of us who practice and hold our faith dear will also have the courage to speak when necessary, and that we may do so with love and compassion but also conviction.
It is also my way of speaking out for what is and Who is the absolute Truth.


Daily Grace said…
Sad to say that the world does allow evrything and anything that is counter to our Lord.

Your post is well wrtten and with deep thought. Thank you.

I always say that when I am troubled by someone or some action that goes against my faith that I need to pray for that person(s), what better time to pray for her than now in this beautiful Marian month.

I will join you!

God bless
Bernie said…
I love this post as this subject is something I struggle with. I am absolutely pro life, I could never abort a child yet I have sat on an appeal board, one case involved an 11 year old little girl who was pregnant with her fathers child. It was horrible, medical advisors us informed that the baby would not survive and they had concerns about the child, she had not fully formed inside for giving birth. Her appeal was to receive the money to pay for her abortion. My vote was against paying to kill a child and so was another on the panel. We were a panel of 3, and the vote was 2 - 1 in favor of pro life. The result haunts me to this day as both child and mother ( a little girl really) died when trying to deliver. Every night I pray about this and if the truth be known I still carry much guilt in my heart. I feel God put me in a position to help a child and instead I helped 2 children die. I have since left the board and trust God that his will be done with those that come after me. This has been an issue I have yet to resolve in my heart.
Thank you for sharing this....Hugs
Karinann said…
Thank you both for your comments.
Daily Grace- Yes this post was ruminating around my mind and heart since reading these things this morning. I usually stay away from controversy on my blog, but felt I needed to write about this. Prayer is definitely the thing to do- thank you for joining me.

Bernie- thank you for sharing this heartwrenching story. But somehow God always brings about a greater good- we don't always get to see it this side of heaven. I will keep you in my prayers for resolution of your feelings. (You may want to call upon those 2 little girls as intercessors)
Hugs to you as well.
Colleen said…
Karinann, you wrote this from your heart and I agree with you. Sometimes we just need to speak our mind. Hugs and blessings to you.
My heart goes out to Bernie and I agree with your answer to her as well. She did not cause their death. We may not understand why but I trust that God is bringing good out of this pain in some way. Prayers for Bernie and for all.
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen. I'm glad my heart came through and not just my big mouth :)
Gabrielle said…
Karinann, I think you wrote this piece with a cautionary tone and humility, not in any ranting way, and it's good for all of us to have our eyes and ears open to what is happening in our communities and the world at large...

For Bernie, I will offer my prayers too tonight - such suffering and heartache she has undergone since having to make that decision. I pray that Bernie will know Jesus' peace in her heart, that He will send her healing graces and remove all pain of guilt from her. She feels she did not save the life of that little girl, but both little ones are safe with the Lord, enjoying forever now the beatific vision of which you wrote in another post. I can't help but think that the good Lord wanted them both safe with Him, knowing what a horrendous homelife that little eleven-year-old was probably returning to.
Karinann said…
Thank you for your comments and prayers for Bernie. I tend to agree that Our Lord wanted these little ones home safe with him.