Mary In My Life

Today we begin the month of May which is traditionally devoted to Our Blessed Mother. I found this short but very beautiful musical reflection over at the Passionists' website.
They pose the question: "What does Mary mean  to each of us in our lives?"  The answer to that question is different for every one of us. For me Mary's meaning in my life seems to ebb and flow yet she remains a constant. There are also certain events in my life that have been centered around Our Lady. I was baptized on September 8th, the day we celebrate her nativity and I also believe she had a great deal to do with my return to my faith and in my healing from my abortion. The day I made the firm decision to return to my faith was May 31, the feast of the Visitation, The name I would give my aborted child came to me while praying the Joyful mystery of the Visitation. So for me, while I don't always feel like her totally devoted child, I know that like any good mother, she is always there and she is always totally devoted to me in leading me to closer union with her Son.
What I would like to do is invite those of you who read this post to perhaps answer this question as it relates to your own life. For those of you who have blogs, write a post and then use the linky thing at the bottom to link your post so others can read it as well. Those of you who do not have a blog, you can leave a comment.
I like the idea of sharing with each other how Mary shares herself with each of us.
Again, the question is: " What does Mary mean to you in your life?"
The linky thing will be available for a week, so you don't have to answer today; take some time and pray about it if you'd like.
In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful video by the Passionists.


Colleen said…
Beautiful post and a great idea. I will take some time to pray about it.
Gabriella said…
What does Mary mean to me? Since the day I accepted her as my mother, she has accepted her role as a Mother with much love and charity, more than I ever showed my children. She carries me in her Immaculate Heart and she assists me in my prayers to the Holy Trinity, more than I have ever done for my own children. She nourishes me with her sweet and maternal love and teaches me how to be a good mother.
Anonymous said…
Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!
Gabrielle said…
Mary was with me quietly all my life, then three years ago I was called to do the 33-day preparation for consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A few months later I started my second blog, "Consecrated to Mary". She is my protectress, my spiritual director, my Mother - Queen of the Angels, the Saints and the Apostles. I am so grateful to her.
Karinann said…
Thank you for sharing your Mary story with us.