Because He Has Led You...

This is part of a quote found on the welcome page of the Direction For Our Times website. This a lay apostolate run by a woman who goes by the name of Anne. She is a wife, mother of six and a Third Order Franciscan. She has received and continues to receive messages from Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.
I found this site through Abbot Joseph's post today. I am normally one to be a bit skeptical and cautious when it comes to private revelation and the like, but I trust Abbot Joseph's assessment of this woman's work and I also checked the site out myself. There is nothing there that goes against Church Teaching, she is not looking to glorify herself in any way, and all of her publications have been authorized by her bishop.
While we are in no way obligated by our faith to believe any of what we read there, I do think there is much we can learn and be made aware of through people such as Anne.
For some time now I have firmly believed that God is trying to get our attention and very few are listening. I believe Our Blessed Mother is doing the same. I am not the first or only blogger to state this. If nothing else, these messages can make us more aware and also lead us to see and examine our own lives for just what it is God is calling us to do to further His Kingdom.
I encourage you to do several things: 1) Read Abbot Joseph's post at Word Incarnate, 2) Visit the Direction For Our Times website yourself.
I read about this site early this morning and for some reason kept fighting the urge to post about it myself, but somehow I felt that I needed to spread the word about it.
Anne has endured great hardship and suffering to say yes to Our Lord and His Mother in carrying out the work of this apostolate.
You may not believe the messages themselves, and that is fine, but I do think we all need to be aware, alert and attentive to what God is calling each of us to do in the fighting of this spiritual battle we are engaged in.
Our country is on a slippery slope these days and as a nation we need to wake up before things get past the point of being able to save our country. God is speaking; we need to listen and act.
You can read this month's message from Our Lord to Anne here. The message is not just for her but for us all.


Colleen said…
Karinann, I think it was a great idea for you to post this and let others know about Anne. Her messages may be just what some people need to hear.
I read a couple of Anne's Volumes. The first one was pretty good but honestly, I could not get into the others I tried to read.
The thing about private revelation is that it is specifically meant for that person. Some people will get a lot out of what she says and others will not. Which is OK. Jesus speaks to each of us in different ways.
Karinann said…
Thanks for your thoughts on this. I often have difficulty with private revelation as well, but you never know who may need to read or hear what God is saying through her.
Mary333 said…
I think the messages Anne is receiving are quite on the mark. I read a few and felt them right to the bones. Another blogger friend has been reading the books by her and feels the same.
Karinann said…
Mary- I felt the same way after I read some of them. When I read Jesus' message to her for this month, I kind of felt like He was talking to all of us who would read the message.
Thanks for your thoughts on this.