A Saint, A Vampire Queen, And A Commentator

If that crazy title doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will! This post is a mixed bag of sorts of a few things that caught my attention around the Catholic blogosphere today. I am going to mention them here, not in the order of my title, but rather in saving the best for last so to speak.
First up the Vampire Queen; Ann Rice is in the news again, this time she claims she is leaving Christianity. I know a lot of good Catholics read her book on the "hidden years" of Christ and had some positive things to say. That being said, I have always been a little confused about where she really stands in her Catholic beliefs. My personal opinion is that she is on shaky ground. Today's article on Ms. Rice leaving Christianity confirms my opinion. I don't say this to condemn her; I believe she desperately needs prayers. Much of what she gives as reasons for leaving Christianity seems to show a lack of true understanding of what Catholicism teaches. For example, she says that she does not want to be anti-gay. Well, what exactly does she mean by this? The Catholic Church has nothing against the people who are homosexual, but it does have a problem with the behavior. In reading Ms. Rice's litany of reasons, I wondered if that is what she also meant, or rather that she is tired of being against the behavior. Though she did say she was also tired of being anti-life; I'm with her on that one if nothing else; that is of course if she means that in the truest sense of the phrase and not in one of her mixed up meanings. Like I said; her so called faith confuses me. Read the article for yourself here
Next, the Commentator. Andy Rooney has some straightforward things to say on prayer. I haven't always agreed with Mr. Rooney, but he is always no-nonsense in what he has to say. In his commentary, Mr. Rooney muses about the reasons some people have with prayer being said in public arenas such as sporting events. He also says that the silent majority (Christians) have been silent long enough. I have heard all the fuss made by many that a Christian prayer is being said and therefore excludes others of other religions. Here I have to agree with Mr. Rooney in the fact that these United States as well as Canada were founded on Christian principles. I know this is a weak analogy but would someone be offended if they were at a sporting event in a foreign country and their own national anthem wasn't sung? You can read Andy Rooney's honest and outspoken comments here.
And finally, and most definitely more important than all the rest, today is the feast of St Peter Chrysologus, Doctor of the Church.  His name is Greek for "golden word". We can always rely on the Church Doctors to write solidly on the treasures and teachings of our Catholic faith. You can read some of his sermons here at Google Books.
Well that about wraps up my mixed bag of stories of interest around the blogosphere today.


Colleen said…
Karinann, love your potpourri post! :)
I read Andy Rooney and loved it!
Anne Rice - I am a bit confused too! Seems to me she is a bit mixed up. She says that in the name of Christ, she wants to leave Christianity. Huh??
Thanks for the info on St Peter Chrysologus.
God bless!