St Ignatius: A Soldier For Christ

I love the story of St Ignatius of Loyola's conversion. He had been injured in battle and was bedridden. His sister brought him some books on the life of Christ and the saints for him to read. Well, he wasn't particularly happy with her selection, but read them anyway. I guess he figured it would at least pass the time. I can just see the grin on Our Lord's face and the faces of all those saints he read about; they knew what was going to happen even if Ignatius didn't.
I know that grin of God's; it was on his holy face right before my return to Him when I agreed to read Scripture and the Catechism and then discuss it through letters with a friend. At the time I figured it would just make for interesting letter writing. Boy, did God have other plans for me! Just like He did for this soldier who would become a great saint.
We are all called to this in one shape or form. God calls us to take our place on the battlefield because here on this earth we truly fight a battle. The battle is with and against ourselves at times but even more so against the devil and his minions.
Ignatius knew that if he served God and sought Him and His will, he could fight this battle. He also knew that God would not leave him to fight unarmed. We need to remember this too. We can and should armor ourselves with the spiritual weapons God provides~ the Eucharist, prayer, especially the Rosary, and Confession. Availing ourselves to prayer and the sacraments, we will be armored in Christ and be able to take our place on that battlefield. Then one day we too can become great saints.
I am reminded at this point of a line from Mother Angelica: "God calls us to be great saints, don't miss the opportunity."
This website has wonderful prayers and the Daily Examen as well as other Ignatian Spirituality items.
St Ignatius of Loyola, pray for us.


Thank you for this post Karinann.

God bless.