The Dangerous Color Of Beige

It has been awhile since I have posted anything by Fr. Robert Barron. I came across this one today where he talks about the importance of studying and knowing our Catholic Faith. Among the things he talks about in this segment are the statistics from a survey done by The Pew Forum on Religion in Public Life. This survey reported that Atheists and Agnostics know the faith better than many Catholics. The problem is they are using it as a weapon against us, and because so many Catholics do not know their faith, they are unable to fight back.
You have heard it before, we are in a battle. The battle is not necessarily with the atheists and agnostics themselves, but it is a spiritual battle being waged by Satan. If anyone knows the power of the Catholic faith, he does, and he takes great pleasure in seeing uneducated and unarmed Catholics. Let us not give him this satisfaction, but rather always strive to know Scripture and the Sacred Traditions of our rich and beautiful Catholic faith. Our Lord gave His life so that we may have this awesome gift; we need to give ours over to defending it.
I'll let Fr. Barron say the rest...