The Humble Need For A Savior

My Lord and God,
May I always remember that what ever good I do, what ever prayer I utter, or religious act I take part, all begins with You. Your grace allows me to do good, all prayer is started by You, and the religious acts are for Your praise and glory.
The only thing I can do on my own is sin. Without You, I am and can do nothing.
 I need You, my Savior.
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.


Colleen said…
Amen! Beautiful prayer, Karinann! Hugs!
I agree with this prayer. I would add "Lord have patience with me!"

God bless.
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen and Victor. Me too Victor.
Michael said…
I actually got a chill down my spine when I read the words "The only thing I can do on my own is sin."

You are right, and that is very scary.

A great reminder that everything good comes from God.

God Bless you.
Anne said…
Ditto to Michael's comment. That one line is extremely powerful and stands out for me as something I should be taking to prayer. Thank you for this Karinann!