The Seriousness Of Our Faith

 OCD Sister at Louange de sa Gloire posted a homily by a Fr. Altier on the importance of being serious in our faith. The homily was given in 2001 and is important for the times we live in. The line that struck me was: "Right now, we cannot see much of a difference between those who worship God and those who do not." That line was like cold water in the face! But it is a needed one. It is very difficult at times to live our faith and have it show. We shouldn't look like everyone else; there should be marked differences between those of us who worship God and those who don't.
The other thing that struck me was where Father talks about union with God. It sounds nice, but he is right, there is nothing warm and fuzzy about achieving it.
I shared this link on my sidebar in the Worth a Click box, but felt it needed center stage as well.
Our world is in for tougher times ahead. Our faith is what will see us through to our heavenly home, but we need to take it seriously. 
Thanks to OCD Sister for posting this homily. Read and share it. 


Mary333 said…
I read OCD Sister's post today, too, and was struck by the same things you were. It's true, we can't tell these days who has faith and who doesn't. And the truth is that many people don't want to be bothered by God, anyway. I know this sounds a bit harsh but I believe it to be true. Perhaps it's just more noticeable here in the Northeast for some reason but I rarely hear God mentioned in the course of my day to day life unless I am among very strong Christians. One of the reasons I started blogging is because I couldn't find very many people to share my love for God with. Some...yes, but not that many. Around here, if you mention God, except to say "God bless you" after a sneeze (lol), people roll their eyes.
Karinann said…
I agree with you about things here in the northeast. When I lived in the south, God was much more accepted, granted, the people weren't mostly Catholic, but they knew and loved God and weren't afraid to say so.
Glad to hear your Dad and Kevin are doing better- will keep both in prayer.
Thanx for this Karinann.

God bless you.
Colleen said…
Thanks for sharing this.
What is that line - if you were accused of being Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Blessings and hugs!
Colleen said…
Me again. I meant to ask you - did you ever get that lectio divina bible you posted about once? I did and I love it!
Karinann said…
Colleen, I think about that line a lot- I pray there is enough to convict me!
Thanks for sharing about the lecto divina Bible- I haven't gotten it yet- it is on my list though.