A Final Lesson~The Trinity

The setting for today's Gospel (John 14:1~12) is the Upper Room just after the Last Supper. Jesus takes these final moments before leaving for the Garden of Gethsemane where His Passion will begin, to teach one final lesson to His Apostles~the lesson of the Trinity.
Throughout this passage that we are given today, and even more so as you continue to read John 14, Jesus repeats several times that the Father is in Him and He is in the Father. The Apostles have difficulty seeing or at least understanding this at the moment. Jesus introduces the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete as the chapter approaches its end. Jesus was giving this discourse and teaching His Apostles about the Trinity.
The Apostles would need the Holy Spirit to truly "get" what Jesus was trying to say to them that night in the Upper Room. And  get it they would come Pentecost.
I sometimes think of the Holy Spirit as the workhorse of the Trinity. He is the one who needs to work in us and move in us so that we can have our being in Christ and see the Father revealed in Him.
Thomas' and Philip's questions may be our own at times. We might find ourselves asking Jesus, especially in times of confusion or trouble, to show us the way. Our heavenly Father awaits us at home. Jesus tells us that He Himself is the Truthful Way to Life in and with the Father.
During those days when I was just finding my way back to my faith, a friend asked me: "If you were to sum up the whole of your faith in one sentence what would it be?" My response to him was Jesus' answer to Thomas~ I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I know that if I stay close to Jesus and follow Him He will lead me home to the place He has prepared for me.


Michael said…
I always have to remind myself that there are just some things we cannot fully understand as humans - the trinity is one of them.

I do like the quote you chose to sum up your faith ... its perfect!

God Bless!
Colleen said…
Love your post. I also love the verse you use to sum up your faith. And your description of the Holy Spirit as the workhorse. Amen!
Hugs and God bless!
Mary333 said…
Thank you, Karin, this is a beautiful post. Meditating on the Holy Trinity always baffles my small human brain but I like your comment about the Holy Spirit as the workhorse of the Trinity. Sadly He is the most neglected, too. I try to pray to Him each and every day and I have read a lot of books on the Holy Spirit to help me understand Him better and this has brought me to a much better knowledge of the work He does in our lives.
Karinann said…
Thanks Michael, Colleen and Mary. This side of heaven I don't think it is possible to fully grasp the mystery of the Trinity, but as you say Mary, the Holy Spirit is the most neglected of the three. Truth is we need His guidance in order to pray to the Father and to Jesus as we ought.
Blessings to you all!