Jesus, Light Of The World

The Light of the World by Charles Chambers

Earlier this month, I posted Jesus, What Have I Done? linking to Kevin Burke's (co~founder of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries) article which related some of  Steven Tyler's (Aerosmith fame) memories regarding an abortion he helped to procure for his young girlfriend, Julia Holcomb, back in the mid-seventies.
Kevin was contacted by Julia after reading the article and expressed her desire to tell her side of the story. Julia, a convert to Catholicism, is now happily married with seven children.
Her story is not easy to read, but bears the sign of Christ's healing and mercy. Abortion inflicts deep and painful wounds that only the grace, love and mercy of God can heal. Julia's story, along with my own and that of many others is proof that when we turn our lives over to God with humility and repentance, He can bring about great good no matter what we have done.
Jesus truly is the Light of the World that no darkness can ever overcome.
Read Julia's powerful story The Light of the World.


"Jesus truly is the Light of the World that no darkness can ever overcome."


God bless.