Recognizing Jesus Through Mary

The Emmaus Walk of today's Gospel is about trust and faith; it is about seeing Christ in every word of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. It is also about the power of the Eucharist and recognizing Jesus there as well. The disciples on that walk with Jesus recognized Him in the breaking of the bread after their minds had been opened to the Scriptures.
I often think of the Mass as an Emmaus Walk. We listen to God's Word in the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit will, hopefully open up those Scriptures for us with the help of our priest's homily, and then we prepare to recognize and receive Jesus in the the breaking of the bread.
Present too, in all of this is our Blessed Mother. Jesus gave her to us at the Cross. She will always lead us to Jesus if we entrust ourselves to her. Through Our Lady we will be given the faith and grace we need to recognize Him in Scripture and in the breaking of the bread.
There is no one better to help us recognize Jesus in all the ways He wishes to manifest Himself to us.

May God bless all mothers on this Mother's Day.


Colleen said…
Boy, we are both up late! Beautiful post. I love how you point out that we can recognize Jesus through Mary. And also seeing Mass as an Emmaus Walk. God bless! and many hugs!
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen. As for being up late- I can never seem to go right to sleep after my midnight hour of adoration. Also-before getting home I had no plans of posting anything- nothing worthy of writing was coming to me. Obviously Our Lord and His Mother thought otherwise :)
God bless!
This is a great post. Thank you Karinann.

God bless.
therese rita said…
WHAT do people do without Blessed Mother??
Karinann said…
I shudder to think it, Therese rita.