I Will Come To You

These words of Jesus' from today's Gospel (John 14:15~21) have been replaying themselves over in my mind since first reading and hearing them. Jesus says these words to every one of us, but what I realize is that I need to invite and accept Him in my heart and in my life.
He sends the Holy Spirit to enliven and awaken our hearts to the Truth. Those who are of the world are unable to recognize and accept this Truth. The Pharisees could not, would not accept Jesus, Pilate asked Jesus, "What is Truth?" and all the while Truth was standing right in front of him. As we look around our world today, we can see that Jesus who is Truth is not recognized or accepted.
For those who do recognize Him and accept Him, He brings hope. St Peter tells us to be ready to lovingly and patiently give reason for our hope. Recognizing and accepting Jesus as the Source of Truth and Life leads to loving Him, and when we do, He makes a promise to us: We will be loved by the Father, and Jesus too will love us and reveal Himself to us.

He will come to us if we believe in Him and accept Him as the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Promises don't get any better than that!


ThereseRita said…
Beautiful reflection. Beautiful picture. Beautiful post!
Mary333 said…
No, promises don't get any better than that! John is my favorite Gospel writer and Jesus' words in today's reading are especially beautiful.

During the Rosary I often meditate on the scene between Jeus and Pontius Pilate. It seems to me that those who were in the very presence of Jesus and didn't believe must have had incredibly hard hearts. I can't help but wonder what happened after they died and realized that they treated God this way. You're right, our days are very much like this. If people honestly sought truth they would find Jesus . Instead, Christianity (Catholicism in particular) is despised by many people and Christians are thought of as lacking in intelligence and unenlightened. It's definitely an upside down world we live in!