June: Devoted To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

The month of June is dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our Lord appeared to St Margaret Mary Alacoque and asked her to spread devotion to His Sacred Heart. He made Twelve Promises to those who would keep this devotion.
Like many devotions, devotion to the Sacred Heart diminished for a time. In my own heart and mind, I see a very strong connection between devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Eucharist. It seems in our current age, belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist has diminished~even among some Catholics, I am sorry to say. As belief in Christ's Presence in the Eucharist flourishes, so will devotion to His Sacred Heart. 

The Eucharist is our strength and spiritual nourishment in our earthly lives. Receiving, loving and adoring Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament will lead us to the refuge of His Most Sacred Heart.
Throughout the centuries there have been blasphemies and outrages against the Eucharist and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but perhaps never as much as in our current age. This calls for reparation to be made by faithful Catholics. Below is a Prayer of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You can also find other prayers to the Sacred Heart by clicking on the picture for this month's devotion on the left sidebar.
Following the Prayer of Reparation, I have included a brief writing on the Eucharist by St Margaret Mary Alacoque .
Jesus desires and deserves our love and adoration. During this month and always, let us love and adore Him for those who do not love Him.

Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
O Jesus, divine Savior, deign to cast a look of mercy upon Your children, who assemble  in the same spirit of faith, reparation, and love, and come to deplore their own infidelities, and those of all poor sinners, their brethren.
May we touch Your divine Heart by the unanimous and solemn promises we are about to make and obtain mercy for ourselves, for the world, and for all who are so unhappy as not to love You.  We all promise that for the future:
For the forgetfulness and ingratitude of men, *(We will console you O Lord)

For the way You are deserted in Your holy tabernacle,
For the crimes of sinners,
For the hatred of the impious,
For the blasphemies uttered against You,
For the sacrileges that profane Your Sacrament of Love, 
For the outrages against Your divinity,
For the injuries of which You are the adorable Victim,
For the coldness of the greater part of your children,
For the contempt of your loving invitation,
For the infidelity of those who called themselves Your friends,
For the abuse of Your grace, 
For our own unfaithfulness,
For the incomprehensible hardness of our hearts,
For our long delay in loving You,
For our tepidity in Your holy service,
For Your bitter sadness at the loss of souls,
For Your long waiting at the door of our hearts,
For the heartless scorn that grieves You, 
For Your loving sighs,
For Your loving tears,
For Your loving imprisonment,
For Your loving death,

* We will console you, 0 Lord

Let us pray
O Jesus!  divine Savior, from whose Heart comes forth this bitter complaint, "I looked for one that would comfort me, and I found none," graciously accept the feeble consolation we offer You, and aid us so powerfully by your grace, that we may, for the time to come, shun more and more all that can displease You, and prove ourselves in everything, and everywhere, and forever Your most faithful and devoted servants.  We ask it through Your Sacred Heart, O Lord, who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit  one God, world without end.  Amen.

"What made me happiest when I left the world was the thought that I would be able to go to communion often, because I had been permitted to go only rarely up to then. I would have been the happiest person in the world if I had been able to receive more often, and spend the night alone before the Blessed Sacrament. I was so unafraid that even though in most things I was very timid, I would not even think of my fears as soon as I was in this place of my delight. The eve of communion days I felt myself buried in such deep silence that I could bring myself to speak only by doing myself violence, on account of the greatness of the action I would accomplish the next day. When I had received communion I would have wished not to have to drink, eat, see, or speak, so great were the consolation and peace I felt. I kept myself hidden as much as possible, to learn in silence how to love my Sovereign Good, who was urging me so powerfully to return him love for love."
... Once, when I yearned to receive communion, my divine Master appeared to me as I was carrying out the sweepings, and said, 'My daughter, I have heard your sighs, and the desires of your heart are so agreeable to me that if I had not already instituted the sacrament of my love, I would do so now for love of you, to have the joy of coming to dwell in your soul and to rest there like a lover in your heart.' This filled me with such great love that I felt my soul completely unnerved, and unable to express itself..."
The Eucharist in the Life of St. Margaret Mary


Daily Grace said…
Thank you Karinann for sharing these links for us. I have been looking forward to June because of this special devotion.

God bless
Karinann, This is so beautiful, especially the quote of Jesus to St. Margaret Mary, "If I had not already instituted the sacrament of my love, I would do so now for love of you, to have the joy of coming to dwell in your soul and to rest there like a lover in your heart."
Colleen said…
Beautiful post. A lot of work for you to put this together!
I love the prayers. Thank you! God bless!
Anne said…
Thank you Karinann for this post, you know that my devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is deep, but I have never seen this particular reparation prayer before. A blessed month of the Sacred Heart to you!
Karinann said…
Thank you ladies, for all your thoughts on the Sacred Heart.

Daily Grace, I hope you find the links beneficial to your prayer this month.

Colleen (Inadequate Disciple)-I know what you mean about St Margaret Mary's quote; I also found it quite powerful. Actually her whole story is very powerful. She is one of the first saints' lives I read upon my return to my faith.

Colleen(Thoughts on Grace) Actually this post took less time than it may appear. (Just a lot of copying/pasting)Glad you liked the prayers.

Anne- Yes, I know how devoted you are to Our Lord's Sacred Heart. I am so glad to see (as I am sure He is as well) that more people are cultivating their devotion to Him in this way. The prayer of reparation I found some years ago at the site that is linked to the picture for this month's devotion on the the left sidebar.

Hugs and blessings to you all!
Mary333 said…
I love this prayer of reparation to the Sacred Heart, Karin, and I will pray it often this month. The words of St. Margaret Mary were beautiful to read, also. Great post! I have a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart and that is why I began my blog in June when I started blogging :)

I hope all went well with the tornado warnings in NJ., we didn't get hit here, thankfully, but Mass. wasn't so lucky.
Karinann said…
Mary, Glad you liked the prayers and St Margaret Mary's words. So far the tornado has seemed to have passed us by as well.