The Objective Of Prayer: Conversion

The Holy Father continued his catecheses on prayer today referring to the prophet Elijah. The basis of his remarks were from 1Kings 18, the account of the confrontation between Elijah and Baal. Pope Benedict XVI unfolds this Scripture passage for us as it relates to prayer.
What I especially loved about the Holy Father's address was his definition of conversion:  "the main objective of prayer is conversion: the fire of God which transforms our hearts and makes us capable of seeing God and living for Him and for others".
In order to be converted (which is a life long process) we need to speak to God and allow God to speak to us; this is done through prayer in all its forms.
Read the Holy Father's catecheses for today here
May the fire of God continue to transform us.


"May the fire of God continue to transform us."


God bless.
mary333 said…
And this is why I pray for a long life :) Doesn't mean I'll get one but conversion does take a long time. Once you get that AHA! moment you realize not too long after that it's a long process and not instantaneous. (I wish!) Thanks for the link - the Pope's words were interesting!

Mary (I wasn't signed in)
Karinann said…
Thanks fir your thoughts on this, Victor and Mary.
Victor, I will join you in that prayer.

Mary, Once I came to that initial conversion upon my return, it was then I realized that total conversion is a day to day process. I also trust that God will look at our efforts no matter how long or short our lives may be, but it can't hurt to pray for more time to serve Him.
Colleen said…
Prayer is where it's at. Great post. And I agree with your comment to Mary about conversion. God bless!
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen and blessings in return.