Prayer Book Par Excellence

This is how the Holy Father described the Book of Psalms today in his continuing catechesis on prayer. The Psalms have always been one of my favorite books in Sacred Scripture. When I read the pope's words on these beautiful prayers, I realized why~because as he says, the psalms are speaking to God with the words of God. What better way to pray.
In the 150 prayers that make up the Book of Psalms, there is a prayer for every mood and emotion we human beings can have. In the words of the Holy Father, the psalms "express all human experience" Whenever I feel drawn to Scripture, but don't know where to go, I go to the psalms. In these beautiful prayers I find the words of praise, thanksgiving, lamentation and petition in a way God wishes me to pray them.
If we need any more reason to pray the psalms, perhaps the best one is that Jesus Himself prayed them until His dying breath. Pope Benedict also expands on this point as well.
If you are someone who struggles with prayer, (that is all of us at various times)you might want to go to the Book of Psalms and let the Holy Spirit guide you to the one you most need to pray at the moment.
You can read the Holy Father's catechesis in its entirety here.


The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want ...

Thank you Karinann.

God bless.
mary333 said…
I love the Psalms and turn to them often. I think the psalms are the most highlighted part of my Bible :) Thanks for the link!