The Prayer That Transcends The Ages

*Here in the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ we celebrate today the seventh Sunday of Easter. The reflection is based on the Gospel for that Sunday (John 17:1~11).

Chapter 17 of John's Gospel is the prayer of Jesus. He prays this prayer before going to His Passion and Death. However, the Church gives us this Gospel passage after the Ascension and it is appropriate at this time as well.
I have always loved this chapter of John's Gospel; they are some of the most beautiful words in all of Scripture. Jesus prays this prayer from deep within His Sacred Heart for his disciples who have followed Him during His earthly life, but also for all those who would follow Him in the ages to come. It is a prayer that echoes through every age.
In Jesus' prayer I also see the example He sets for how we should pray. Jesus and the Father were of the same nature; the Father knew what was in His Son's Heart and the prayer was already answered. Jesus did not have to voice His prayer, but He did and I believe more so for our benefit than His. We too need to pray with that same spirit of faith. Yes, God knows what we will say and pray before the prayer is ever formed in our own hearts and minds, but He wants us to bring these prayers to Him.
Finally, Jesus tells His Father that He has been glorified in those He has chosen out of the world. Those today and in the times to come who live their faith have been chosen by Christ as well. We have not chosen Him, but He has chosen us. If we live the commandments He has given us, Jesus is glorified in us. That is truly an awesome thought and an awesome gift.

Lord Jesus,
Thank You for the gift of faith, for Your prayer for those of us You have chosen to follow You. May I remain open to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit so that You will be glorified in me, and at the end of this life the Father will see You reflected in my soul.


Mary333 said…
It's remarkable to me how God has paved the way to himself through so many means. In some ways, when you think of it, that anyone ever goes to hell is strange - we have all the Sacraments, the holy Spirit, angels guarding us, Mass,
Our Lady and the saints, the Bible, prayer, etc...
Jesus even prayed for us! How fallen human nature must be that we are in need of so much help. And how blessed we are to receive all this help!
Great post and prayer!
Michael said…
Have to admit, I never thought of the parallel between Jesus' prayer today and us - especially that He has chosen us as well.

What a wonderful thought to take with me this week!

God Bless you!
Karinann said…
I see your point, Mary. God has given all those things you mentioned plus boundless grace on top of it all. I guess it comes down to free will; we have to open our hearts and accept all He gives us. I guess that is why also, that is said that God does not send people to hell, they choose to go there by their rejection of Him.
Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Michael, I admit I cheated a bit on this one. Jesus does not mention us (those to come in future ages who will believe in Him)until later in this chapter. Today's Gospel only covered the first 11 verses. But I agree, a wonderful thought to carry throughout the week~especially as we approach Pentecost.

Blessings to you both.
I'm a little confused.

The Gospel today (Sunday) was from the end of Matthew - Jesus is raised to Heaven and He asks His disciples to go and baptise the world.

I always thought all churches have the same Gospels every Sunday.

I like the passage you chose, especially later on where Jesus prays for us. This is the passage I chose for my post about prayer. See "Donate a Prayer" top right of my Blog.

God bless you Karinann.
Karinann said…
Here in the US, each diocese has the option to celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord on its proper Thursday or the following Sunday. My Archdiocese (Newark, NJ) is one of the few that celebrates the Ascension on its actual day so our Gospel was for the 7th Sunday of Easter. (The passage I wrote on)The other diocese in the US that celebrate the Ascension on its proper Thursday are: Boston, Hartford, NY, Omaha, and Philadelphia.
Sorry for the confusion.