The Strong Defense Of Faithful Friends

A faithful friend is a strong defence: and he that hath found him, hath found a treasure. Nothing can be compared to a faithful friend, and no weight of gold and silver is able to countervail the goodness of his fidelity.
~Sirach 6:14~15

I am always amazed at God's gift of friendship~ the friendship He calls us to with Himself, but also human friendship. Christ sanctified human friendship when He called His twelve Apostles to be His companions during His public ministry, and in His friendship with Lazarus, Martha and Mary. In these friendships, He also sets for us an example of being in friendship with God, for He is God.
I have been thinking a lot about human friendship lately and am so very grateful for the good friends with which God has blessed me. One friend in particular comes to mind. My friend Shari and I have been friends for almost 20 years. Ironically we met through our former spouses. We have seen each other through divorce, and family troubles, but also many good times. I am Godmother to her daughter.
Recently, we fell out of touch for quite some time~ not due to any disagreement, but simply allowing life to get in the way. I called her last night mainly to R.S.V.P to my Goddaughter's high school graduation party, but more because I missed her and our friendship. We spoke for about 45 minutes picking up as if we had spoken only the day before.
When I hung up, I felt a deep sense of gratitude to God, not just for my friend and her friendship, but for the gift of friendship in general. God knows we can not go it alone on this earth so He has blessed us with companions for this journey.


colleen said…
Great verse from Sirach, Karinann! I was shopping for cards yesterday and I have to say this verse says it much better than anything I read in the 20 or so cards I read in the "Friend" section.
Karinann~ Can I make you a button for the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers too? I can use the same photo you have on the sidebar and add the name across the top. I can also add a peach or white border.

I didn't put a border on the Community of Catholic Bloggers button because I didn't want to change anything. Anne's didn't have a border. I see yours does, and I can remake that button with a border if you'd rather. If you have the original photo I can enlarge the name too. It's up to you, and the others~ I'm here to serve!
Karinann said…
Holly thank you so much for your offer. I have actually been playing around in photoshop with both of the photos for the last couple of days. I did the Women's blog one. I kept the border off this one. I haven't gotten to the Community blog button yet.
Can't speak for the others. Perhaps Mary333 can let you know since she started the blog.
Thanks again and now I know whose techy brain to pick when I need help:)
mary333 said…
Oh, I met Holly just today :) And I bet you know why I'm grinning, Karin.

Great post! I'm glad you got to catch up with your friend!

Love, your non-techy brained friend (lol).

Many, many thanks for your prayers this week!
Karinann said…
Yes Mary I do know why you are grinning. I told her to get in touch with you about buttons and such since you started the blog.
You are most welcome for the prayers.