My Spiritual Wishlist

I know we are approaching Pentecost and the close of the Easter Season, but I did this activity during Lent. It was a suggested penance for the day given at the end of a reflection. The suggestion was to make a spiritual wishlist~listing the virtues and graces you would like to cultivate in your spiritual life. I quickly jotted down the first things that came to mind after praying and asking God what it is He would like from me.
I recently came across that piece of paper with my wishlist and thought I would share it here. Done prayerfully it can be quite revealing in showing the areas you need to change or develop as you grow in your relationship with God.
I am not setting this up as a tag or meme, but feel free to run with it yourself. You may wish to use it as an entry if you keep a spiritual journal.
We are meant for relationship with God. In order for that relationship to grow, we need to grow in virtue and holiness. If we ask Him, Our Lord will be happy to show us how to do that.

My Spiritual Wishlist
My Dear Lord Jesus,
Here are the desires of my heart so as to grow closer to You:
*To know and love You as You are~on Your terms, not mine.
*To love others as You have commanded me to better than I do now.
*To be able to surrender myself to You and Your Holy Will in everything; to let go of my fears.
*To suffer the crosses with which You bless me with joy and without complaining.
*To be able to accept Your love for me in such a way that I desire no other love.
*To accept my weakness, but always seek Your grace in overcoming my sins.
*Perseverance in trial and temptation.
*That my life reflect You and not me.
*Ultimately complete union with You.


Mary333 said…
I love this list, Karin, and I think it's a very good idea. Thank you for posting about it.
colleen said…
Karinann, I love the sincerity and prayerfulness of this post.

I will try it, but it seems like the same list might be generated. I need to pray for these same petitions.
Anne said…
I like this!
Karinann said…
Thanks Mary, Colleen and Anne. I loved the idea when I saw it during Lent. We have all kinds of wishlists, why not a spiritual one. After all those wishes/prayers are more likely to be granted than any others we may make and more beneficial as well.
Hugs & blessings to you all.
Colleen said…
I love your list and I have to say that I need to have all of those on my list! No surprise there. I really like this idea and I may borrow it for retreats that I lead!!
Love and blessings!
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen. This is a great spiritual activity for retreats.
God bless.