They Are Out There Praying For Us...

Let us also pray for them. Our priests; they pray for us, what better way to thank them than by returning the favor in prayers, especially the Rosary, for them.
I found this article over at Catholic News Agency which linked to a You Tube video that shows an elderly priest entering a church, rosary in hand, while young people talk about the priesthood and what it means to them. It is very moving to see young people talk about our priests in such a positive manner, especially when there are so many attacks from today's media. Yes, there are a few who have made grievous mistakes, but the vast majority are true servants of God.
As this Year for Priests comes to a close, I thought this a fitting tribute to all our priests who are fighting on the front lines for our salvation. The article in the link above explains the development of this series on You Tube called May Feelings. This video is the third installment in the series.
Watch the video, then go pray a rosary for a priest.


Daily Grace said…
This video is so moving, it brought me to tears. Thank you so much for posting this. I will forward it to many people. Yes, they do so much for us.

God bless our dear priests!
Karinann said…
Daily Grace- I had the same reaction. Thanks for becoming my newest follower; I hope your faith is edified a little by what you find here. God Bless!
Gabriella said…
A truly moving video, Karinann.
Thank you.
My rosaries this month will certainly be for our Holy Father and all our priests.
BTW, I will have to come back and archive this post to watch the video at a later date. Something went awry with our sound system during the "virus" fiasco and we are still trying to rectify that situation.
I look forward to watching it once I have sound again on my pc.