Christ's Grace To Go Among The Wolves

IN GOD WE TRUST Pictures, Images and Photos"The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ is that force beyond ourselves by which God in His mercy makes the impossible come to be in our life."
I loved this quote when I read it in a bit of commentary on today's Mass readings. It is so true. It was true for the 72 that Jesus sent out to proclaim the Good News of God's kingdom, and it is true for each of us today in our own lives.
I get a kick out of those 72 disciples who came back to report to Jesus all that they were able to do in His name. They seemed so surprised. I can almost see them running up to Him like little children who just learned how to do some simple thing and succeeded for the first time. I can also almost see a little amused grin developing on Our Lord's face as well.
I am not unlike those disciples. I am still amazed at what God has done and continues to do in my life when I let Him. I am truly amazed at how God reveals His power to me His unprofitable servant!
Jesus' response to the disciples rejoicing puts the whole thing in perspective for them and for me. As His servants, many awesome things may be done through us, but that isn't what we should get excited about. Our rejoicing and excitement should come because as His servants our names, like those of those disciples is written in heaven! Now that is truly something to get excited about and rejoice over! I mean really, take a minute and just picture it~ God Himself writing your name in heaven and then gazing lovingly at it as He watches you go as a lamb among the wolves armed with His grace.
I guess my point in all this musing is that God calls us to go out among the wolves of our own day and time, but it is His grace that allows the impossible to become possible. Sure some will refuse to listen, some may even become hostile, but some will listen. I know that if I trust in and cooperate with the grace that comes through Our Lord Jesus Christ, I can do anything He asks of me.
In the United States today we celebrate Independence Day. Our founding Fathers lived by the maxim In God We Trust. The wolves of our day have lost sight of that, and have changed it to in ourselves we trust. May those of us who remain the lambs cling to trust in our faithful and merciful God.
May the peace of Christ control our hearts and may the word of Christ dwell in us richly.


Anne said…
I heard a wonderful homily today from a newly ordained priest, who quoted Pope Benedict's first homily as Pope. He said before you were born, you were a thought of God. Everyone was a thought of God. So that means that every one of us is called to go out and preach the good news, we are all among the 72. God IS using us!

Great post, my friend!
Karinann said…
Anne- what a beautiful thought- being a thought of God. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post.
Hugs & Blessings!
Thank you for this wonderful post!
I can relate well to those disciples who act with surprise when Jesus has tangibly worked His wonders through them. We believe, we trust, we embrace...and yet when we experience it, it never ceases to amaze us!
Thanks for reminding us that the truly amazing thing is that we belong to HIM and HE sends HIS GRACE!
Karinann said…
You are welcome. Glad you enjoyed the post.
Yes, our God is truly awesome!
Colleen said…
Graet post, Karinann. I feel much the same as Judy does. I am always surprised and amazed when God uses me and then I feel so grateful that he would work through little ol me!
I especially like your last paragraph. I too need to remember sometimes that it is not me who is in charge here. In God We Trust! Such a great maxim!
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen. I always need to be reminded that I am not in charge.
joven said…
beautiful blog..pls visit mine to,and be a follower..thanks and God bless..
I suppose here in the UK the maxim should be: In God we trust - despite the ridicule of others.

I think Christianity is in retreat here in the UK. Do you know there's a petition to the Government asking them to STOP the Pope's visit here in September?

God bless.
Karinann said…
I think we here in the US could use that addition to in God we trust- our own government is also trying to weed God out- not as blatantly as in the UK, but it is there. How sad about the petition. Prayer and more prayer is needed all around.
God bless.
Thanks, Karinann, this hit home. I am going to be going out among the wolves, pretty literally and pretty soon.
Karinann said…
Elizabeth- I'll keep you in prayer this week as you go among the wolves.
Actually, I am not going there for another couple of weeks and will be gone for a while. I will post a note on all my blogs at that time because where I am going, I will not be able to blog. I very much appreciate any and all prayers for safety at that time!