Advent And The Christmas Cactus

This morning as I sat in my living room praying morning prayer, reading and reflecting on the day's meditations, I caught sight of my Christmas cactus. As I looked at this plant, it reminded me of the hope Advent holds for us.
I have had this plant for about 12 years. I bought it as a mere baby of a plant when I lived in North Carolina. It has traveled with me back here to New Jersey and has gone through several jostling moves. I thought the last move to my current residence five years ago in the blistering heat of summer would have killed it, but it didn't.
This plant has been very faithful in bringing me the gift of its bright pink blooms every year. But as Autumn begins every year, I always have that small doubt that maybe this year the blooms will not appear. As I went to water this hardy plant the other day, my doubts were dispelled; there they were, the tiny buds at the end of the leaves that would bloom in vibrant color.
Advent for me can be a little like my relationship with this plant~ full of hope one minute and full of fears and doubts the next. I know that Jesus came 2000 years ago on that first Christmas morning, and I do believe He will return one day. The doubts and fears creep in sometimes when I look around me at all that is going on in our world, and when I see how Godless our culture has made this holy season. I go about my own preparations and wonder, Where are You, Lord? Where have they hidden You? Then just as I continue to water and nurture my Christmas cactus with the hope of beautiful flowers, I remember to pray the prayer that can dispel my doubts and fears! Come Lord Jesus, come! And He does, and He will.


Deanna said…
Dearest Karinann,
The bloom is truly a beautiful sight to see! Very uplifting in this cold weather.

May your Christmas Season is precious,
Colleen said…
Beautiful post. And I love your advent reflections. Thank you for those. God bless!