Joseph:Silent But Strong

As we begin this fourth and final week of Advent, the Gospel draws our attention to Joseph. Scripture does not record one syllable ever being uttered by Joseph, yet his strength, courage and faithful obedience are evident through his actions. He believed the angel who spoke to him in a dream of Jesus' conception and coming birth, he protected Mary and the unborn Jesus on their journeys to Bethlehem, Egypt, then back to their home in Nazareth.
I often wonder if Joseph ever had the thought in those early days that this was not the way he saw his life going. He may have; he may have even told God and his new bride as much.
How many times I too have that thought and tell God as much~ "Lord this is not what I had planned; I didn't see things going this way." Any number of circumstances, good or bad, may cause us to utter those words to God.
If Joseph did I am sure God understood, and I think He understands when we say them. The important thing to God and for us is in how we deal with those unforeseen circumstances. Do we continue to whine and complain, stamp our feet and refuse what God has allowed or ordained for us? (Yes, I have done this more times than I care to count.) Or do we respond as Joseph did: "Lord I do not understand all of this, but will do as You ask because You have asked and it is Your holy plan." Now I don't know that those were Joseph's exact words, but his actions certainly demonstrated that sentiment.
God has a plan for each of us; we may not always understand what He is doing or why He is doing it, we just have to trust and obey. Let us look to Joseph and follow his example of silent but strong faith.


Mary333 said…
Thank you, Karin, this post hit home for me. I would like to be more like St. Joseph but I still have a tendency to question and complain. (Okay...whine, too.) I'm working on it though :) My husband has a strong devotion to St Joseph and I should follow his lead in this and ask his intercession each day.
kam said…
The life of Joseph is certainly a mystery but God has a lesson there as He always does. What a perfect partner for Our Blessed Mother, demonstrating the same obediance to God as her. Thanks for the post. k
Colleen said…
I need to be more accepting and to trust like Joseph. Great post. Have a Merry Christmas if I do not "see" you before then! Hugs!