Visiting And Praying For The Imprisoned

 This time of year is difficult for many; it is especially difficult for prisoners and their families. Having a friend who spent more than a few Christmases in prison, I have seen the pain it brings. True many of these men and women are there because of their poor choices, but often, as in the case of my friend there are life circumstances that make it difficult, even impossible to make good ones.
Fr. Gordon MacRae's post at These Stone Walls this week talks about this. He has spent 17 Christmases in prison and has seen many young men come and go. Some are and have made good life changing decisions while there, and some have not.
In this week's post, father tells the story of John whose baby girl was born 3 months into his sentence. John never knew his own father, so really has no idea of what being a father is all about. He is taking some parenting classes in the prison so he can be the father his daughter deserves.
John and all those in prison need our prayers. Father Gordon's post Don We Now Our Gray Apparel is worth the read and is a reminder to remember the imprisoned in our prayers.
Christ tells us in Matthew 25 that, among other things, we should visit the imprisoned. Visiting father at his blog does just that. I know what my visits and prayers meant to my friend. Let us remember these men and women, no matter what they have or have not done, in our prayers this Christmas.


Colleen said…
A good reminder, Karinann. Someone I know has been in and out of prison a few times. He was far away so I would write him a note every week just so he would get mail. Sometimes I would be so angry at him but I kept thinking of what Jesus said - what you do for my brothers and sisters, you do for me.
'Tis apparent to me that I am supposed to be reflecting upon this topic as the "prison ministry" has called my house several times this week and now I find this post on your blog. Thank you, Karinann...I wanted to share this link with you from a blog of someone who visited A Thankful Woman yesterday...I think you'd like her writing very much:
Karinann said…
Ladies, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.
Colleen- Your notes were a visit and mail is so important to prisoners. I also understand those feelings of anger- I often felt them with my friend as well.
Judy- I would agree that perhaps God would like you to include this ministry in your prayers. Thanks for the link- I will definitely check out her blog.
Blessings and Hugs to you both!