Heeding The Voice In The Wilderness

John Preaching in the Wilderness: Pier Francesco Mola

I have been those Pharisees whom John called a brood of vipers. I have been among those who thought once I came back to God and went through the motions of my faith that my conversion was done.
John's words echo to me now, "Repent! Rethink your life and look for the ways it still needs to change." says his voice. The One who is the the Kingdom of God has come and will come again.
My life is a ongoing process of conversion. Every day I remain on this earth calls me to repentance so that I may be more conformed to Christ and ready to stand before Him when He comes.
Conversion and repentance call for humility. I need to let go of my pride and present myself to God in my nothingness so that He may fill me with His everything.

Create a clean heart in me, O God: and renew a right spirit within me.
~Psalm 50/51:12


Michael said…
I'm afraid I too cringe every time I read John's quotes. As much as I'd like to think I am nothing like that brood of vipers ... I know all too well that I am at times.

Great post.

God Bless!
Mary333 said…
I really liked this post, Karin. I had some of the same difficulties when I first came back to the Church. Who knew? I mean, I was doing everything I thought I was supposed to. Overdoing it, actually :) I don't think that I missed daily Mass even when I was sick back then (much to the horror of the poor folks seated nearby)! The outward stuff was the easy part, as I soon learned. At least now I know that conversion goes on to the very end and to never be surprised when the Lord reveals how much work still needs to be done.
Karinann said…
Thanks Michael and Mary for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this.
Mary- I use to do the same thing with daily Mass. I had to remind myself that missing daily Mass was not mortal sin.