Zechariah: A Model Of Mercy

Zechariah: James Tissot

I posted this reflection on my Advent Reflections page, but felt a little nudge to bring it to the forefront here. Zechariah is one of my favorites. He is a wonderful example of how God gives us the opportunity to always correct our mistakes. I also think he is a good example of what happens when you mess with an angel! Zechariah also shows us how God used simple, everyday people to play great roles in His plan for salvation of this fallen world. 
We are all called to play a part in God's plan. Like He did for Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah and John the Baptist, He will also do great things for and in us if we cooperate with His grace.

The Incarnation is largely about redemption. God became man in Jesus Christ to redeem humanity. In the beginning of Luke's Gospel we are brought into the lives of those who play a key role in Salvation History. It begins with Mary's fiat, then Joseph's faith in God in hearing the angel's message for him in a dream, Elizabeth's response of joy to Mary's greeting, and even the babies in their wombs seem to greet each other.
Redemption also came in another way for Zechariah. He found out what happens when you lack faith and trust in an angel's message; in his case he was rendered mute. But God gives him a chance to correct that mistake when his son, John is born. Zechariah knew full well that giving the child this name would cause some confusion and maybe even a little consternation among his friends and relatives because no one in his family had the name John. This time, though Zechariah trusted God, wrote down that this was to be the child's name and God restored his speech.
We, like Zechariah, are given second, even third, fourth... chances to correct our mistakes. When we approach God in prayer and in the sacrament of reconciliation with humility and sincere repentance, He forgives us and allows us to begin again.
Let us reflect upon God's mercy as we continue to reflect on the mystery of the Incarnation.

Heavenly Father,
You sent Your Son, Jesus to redeem a fallen world. As we contemplate this great mystery of Your Incarnation, may we see Your great love for us and the mercy You are always willing to show us. May we never miss the opportunities You give us to begin again in our life with and in You.


Anne said…
I need a million second chances and am so very grateful for God's never ending mercy!

A blessed Christmas Season to you Karin!