Closing On Sundays

While I was over checking out the posts at Sunday Snippets, I came across this post by Evann. It referenced an e-mail sent by the people at Catholic Vote. (You remember them; they're the ones who put out those great pro-life videos) The e-mail encouraged people to take a rest from the Internet on Sundays.
This got me thinking...
For some time now I have been a bit concerned with the amount of time I spend on this blasted machine. Don't get me wrong, the computer is a wonderful and useful invention that can be used for tremendous good, but as the saying goes, "All things in moderation." I think about the things I could be doing, should be doing instead of staring at this screen.
While I am so grateful that I discovered the blogosphere and am enjoying the writings and comraderie of my new found friends, I think it is time for me to exercise a bit more moderation in this area.
So beginning next Sunday I will be observing a Computer Sabbath. That's right~No Blogging!
What you, my faithful readers will find for a Sunday post is a picture that perhaps represents the Gospel for that day and a prayer. Since RAnn, our hostess for Sunday Snippets puts her post up on Saturday evening, I will do the same.
This is something I have been thinking about for awhile; today's post at Evann's blog was God's way of saying, "OK~ enough with the thinking, now do something and here's what you can do!"
I look forward to discovering the many other fruitful things I can do with Sundays to keep it as our Lord intended.
Because I have trouble doing anything "all or nothing", I will probably allow myself to read the wonderful, faith~filled blogs of all those I follow~but only after sundown as technically that, according to our Jewish ancestors' tradition, begins a new day. (You knew I'd find some way around this :) )
May all of us, no matter how we choose to keep the Lord's Day, choose the things that bring us closer to Him.
God Bless!


~ Judy ~ said…
I think that's wonderful Karinann! May your time spent with the Lord on Sundays be blessed!
I look forward to reading Evann's post.
I limit my own computer time on Sundays to nightfall, after everyone is asleep.
Have you ever read The Land Without a Sunday by Maria Trapp? It is VERY thought-provoking as to the way we in the West have diminished the solemn and sacred day of the Lord.
Thanks for this post!
Karinann, I'm very interested in this. Sundays are usually filled with Church, family, friends, so I don't get on the computer much. Let us know how it goes.
Also I'm going to look into the book Judy remarked on.
Sunday used to be special, but now people treat it as if it is any other day! Good post.
simplebeauty said…

This is post! Thank you for sharing this idea. I've been trying to cut way back on my blog time too. Also, just putting more thought and prayer into what I write. Thank you for all of your encouraging words! You are a dear dear blog friend to me!

I hope that it is not too hot where you are at! We are so hot today. It is already almost 100 degrees outside and it is just a bit after the noon hour. phew!!

Stay cool!
Colleen said…
Great post. I have been struggling with all of this, too. It is also one of the reasons I started the Sabbath meme. To help me remember to get Sabbath rest and honor the Sabbath throughout the week, even if it is only for a moment here and there. I like your idea of a picture and a prayer. I may try it!
By the way I could not find that book Judy mentioned. God bless!