A Special Intention

Judy at Ben Makes Ten has spread the request for global prayer for a little boy named Tommy and his family. Tommy is 9 years old and is suffering from Leukemia. Right now he is suffering terribly from the effects of the chemotherapy. The global prayer begins at 9:00pm this evening. Go to Ben Makes Ten for the details of Tommy's battle with this cancer as well as the details for the global prayer intention. There is a link with Scripture passages to use during this time of prayer if you wish.Prayer is a powerful thing. If you are able and available at 9pm, please join in this special prayer intention. Spread the word as well.Thank you and God Bless!


~ Judy ~ said…
Thanks so much Karinann...as my family was praying tonight and I thought of you joining us and all of those who have been touched by this post...it brought me great comfort and hope.

Just a little side note: The woman who initiated the global prayer had a small mistake in her writing. Tommy is only 9 years old, not 10. Just thought I'd let you know :)
Maria said…
That is so sad. I will pray for Tommy.