All I Know Is Jesus Deserves More

I always know when God is trying to get my attention in some area of my spiritual life. Lately He has chosen a major area- the Mass. If you've read a few of my recent posts, I've done my share of complaining about the things I've seen appear and disappear in the Mass since my return six years ago. Now I am not one to consciously and deliberately ignore the Holy Spirit's nudgings (well not usually)but I have been known to try His patience a bit.
Case in point-about a year and a half ago I saw that EWTN aired aTLM on the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. I DVR'd it and there it has sat; collecting digital dust- until today. I finally blew the dust off and watched. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it. When I thought about this Mass in comparison to the Novos Ordo, all I could think is, we owe our Lord so much more than the Novos Ordo- at least the way it is celebrated in most parishes. Now before the 2 or 3 of you who read this blog go and run for the combox- I am not in opposition to the Novos Ordo. The problem I have been having lately is that it has come to promote a "it's about us rather than about Jesus" air. I know that was not the spirit that was intended. This is just my own observation. So, you may ask, "What's your problem? Just find the nearest TLM and go.
My dilemma is that while a bit dissatisfied with the laize-faireness of my local parish Mass, I still feel at home there. I know that we all have to leave home at times. Maybe that time has come for me. Perhaps continuing to attend daily Mass at my beloved parish and a TLM on Sundays now and then is a way to strike a balance.
I know that part of the reason for my ambivalence is my own pride and fear; getting over that feeling of a fish being out of water.
My dream is to have my parish offer a TLM even just once a month as a start, but it doesn't look like that is anywhere in the near future. As for attending a TLM elsewhere, perhaps I should take the advice of the old Nike commercial and "just do it".
One last thing- I think the Holy Spirit has been using blogs to get me at least thinking and praying about this. I have found myself over at Fr. Z's blog quite often. Thank you father.
Comments, advice and prayers in this matter are welcome.


Paul in the GNW said…
MY first time here, thanks for following my blog! I know how you feel. The ordinary form, done well, doesn't bother me, but the average parish, depending on where you are, makes it pretty bland. I am fortunate to have a solid home parish the does the Ordinary Form pretty well, and several great options. Also, I can get to an Extraordinary Form on Sun. and Fri; and the OF in Latin with Chant on Sat. vigil.

When I travel, I always find myself so distracted by focusing on all the things being done wrong or just poorly that I wish I didn't know any better.

God Bless
memoriadei said…
Just found your blog this evening and I love it. Hey, how can I get "no thanks, I already have a messiah!" haha I am a revert, too. Funny thing is that I never realized for *years* that I was on the outside looking in. Oh, thank GOD, He brought me back to being a *real* Catholic and to the fullness of His love.
Karinann said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog-glad you like it. I found the no thanks...Messiah picture in an e-mail I received (but it seems to be all over the place)I saved the picture to my hard drive then uploaded it using Bloggers "Add a Gadget function" Choose the Add a picture gadget from the list. There may be an easier way, but I am not the most technology savvy person around. The fact that this blog is even up and running is God's grace and Bloggers help:)
I too am grateful that our merciful Lord has shown and give me his unfathomable love.
God Bless!
Fredi said…
Hi Karin,

This is Fredi over at Thoughts and Faith to Share. Your insights about Holy Mass are most accurate. Your return home is blessing for everyone as will your blog also be for those who visit. For enhanced spiritual growth, I recommend reading Word Incarnate, you'll love Abbot Joseph.

God bless.

By the way, I'm an aging Jersey boy now living in Sausalito, CA
Karinann said…
Glad to see I am not the only one frustrated with the abuses going on in the N.O.