The Beautiful Hands of a Priest

The first time I read the poem "The Beautiful Hands of a Priest", I found myself in tears about half way through. Six years ago that would not have been the case; I probably wouldn't have even read it. I wanted nothing to do with the Catholic Church let alone priests! But then came my reversion in which a few very special priests have played a part. In the six years since my return to Christ and His Church, I have come to realize what a truly awesome thing the priesthood is. Without our priests there is no Eucharist. And don't think for an instant that Satan doesn't know this. Our priests are on the front lines and to be a good solid Catholic priest in today's world is not easy. This is why we need to pray for our priests every day.
God has truly blessed me with wonderful priests in many areas of my life; my parish, ministry work, as well as those I have been led to in the Catholic Blogosphere- Father Philip Neri, Father James Farfaglia and last but certainly not least Father Richard John Neuhaus. Their blogs are definitely worth checking out.
So let us pray for our priests and remember to thank them. For it is through their beautiful hands that Jesus chooses to come to us in the Holy Eucharist.

The Beautiful Hands of a Priest

We need them in life's early morning;
we need them again at its close;

We feel their warm clasp of true friendship;
we seek them when tasting life's woes.

At the altar each day we behold them,
and the hands of a king on his throne
are not equal to them in their greatness;
their dignity stands all alone.

And when we are tempted and wander to
pathways of shame and of sin,
It's the hand of a priest that will absolve us-
not once, but again and again.

Other hands may prepare a feast, but
the hand that will bless and unite us
is the beautiful ahnd of a priest.

God bless them and keep them all holy for
the Host which their fingers caress;

When can a poor sinner do better than to
ask Him to guide thee and bless?

When the hour of death comes upon us,
may our courage and strength be increased,
By seeing raised over us in blessing the
beautiful hands of a priest!

-Author unknown
From an old prayer card


Mrs.KAOS said…
That is lovely. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for your prayers :)
Sarah Reinhard said…
Thank you for this post. It touches a special chord with me -- my toddler's godfather is our parish priest, who I also consider a great friend and who is ALSO quite a teacher to me in this Catholic journey (he's been with me ever since I converted 8ish years ago).
Jen said…
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!