Thank God For Good Bible Translations

The Douay Rheims Bible is my Bible of choice. It is translated from the original Latin Vulgate. While reading Father George W. Rutler's beautiful tribute to his friend and fellow priest, Father Richard John Neuhaus, I was reminded of why I use the Douay Rheims in my personal reading of Scripture. Father Rutler referred to the fact that although Father Neuhaus was not conscious when he anointed him, he may have been aware that he used the Douay Rheims translation. It was then I remembered the articles I read written by Father Neuhaus on the topic of Bible translations. Father Neuhaus often said that "he found the language and the music of the revised liturgy a cause of sorrow". I tend to agree. The lectionary and missalettes printed for use with the Novos Ordo Mass use the New American Bible translation. When compared to the Douay Rheims or the Revised Standard Version (Ignatius Bible), well there is no comparison. First and foremost these versions seem to give a more precise translation. I (along with others)find the language more beautuful and poetic. Father Neuhaus gives numerous examples and comparisons in his articles "Bible Babel" (First Things May 2001) and "More Bible Babel" (First Things- January 2006). Both articles are definitely worth reading. You can find them by searching the archives for the dates listed above at the First Things website.

Now having said all that, I will add that I got my start reading Scripture with the NAB and for that I am grateful. However, I do recall, after awhile, feeling the need for "something more". It was probably around that time that the Holy Spirit gave me Father Neuhaus' articles. So thank you Holy Spirit and thank you Father Neuhaus.

The translation of the Bible a person uses for personal reading and study is a personal choice. If you are feeling like I did for the need for something more, treat youself to a sampling from the Douay Rheims, the Ignatius Bible or the Jerusalem Bible-1966 (Mother Angelica's Bible of choice). I promise, you won't be disappointed.
Note: I have searched for hours looking for the Jerusalem (1966) and Revised Standard Version Bibles online. I could find none. Of the Bibles I've mentioned, only the Douay Rheims could be found online (click link above).


Mrs.KAOS said…
This is my first time stopping by your blog; and I'm glad I did. I am cradle Catholic who left the church and is contemplating re-version. But even when I was not terribly religious I had interest in the differences between translations. I'm a Literature Major and study Latin and Religion. You may be interested in this site: