Welcome To Washington, Mr. President

I haven't posted anything about the inauguration until now. To be perfectly honest, I did not watch one minute of any of it. (And I could not care less about what Michelle Obama was wearing!) The snippets of the new president's speech that I did catch, did nothing but infuruate me. He speaks of God. In my own opinion, he knows nothing of God. This is a man who sees babies as a punishment. If his bills become laws, countless children will die and their mothers hurt physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Tomorrow President Obama will have to deal with those who did not vote for him during the March for Life. Granted he may find it nothing more than a mere inconvenience, but the marchers' presence will be felt and hopefully heard.
Part of me feels very sorry for President Obama because I'm not sure he knows what he has taken on in becoming president. I also feel that there are greater forces at work and he is not really the one in charge of his presidency.
There was a great deal of hype over this inauguration; so much so that our president may think the American people are here to serve him when it should be that he would find the humility to realize that he has taken this office to serve the people.
Well,Mr. President, the parties are over and the work begins . Tomorrow you will see and hear those who know that life at every moment is sacred; you will see and hear those wounded by the "choice" you hold as sacred. Welcome to Washington, Mr. President.
I am glad that we finally have an African American in the White House. I just wish it were someone who truly knows God and His precious gift of life.
I know this post is not very positive, but I have not given up hope. I know that our hope is in Christ and He can change the hardest of hearts. So I will continue to pray for the conversion of President Obama .
May God bless and have mercy on our country.
Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us!