Just My Humble Rantings

Those of you who read my blog know that I haven't really ventured into writing about politics or mainstream life. One reason is I don't feel qualified enough to do so; I'd rather leave that to the "big boys and girls" of the blogosphere. But today I think I need to jump into the pool, so to speak-even if it's just to vent. So here goes...
By now most everyone has heard that NBC has refused to air the Catholic Vote ad during the superbowl. Their reason in a nutshell, "we don't do politics". Well the ad is hardly political. Any person using the common sense our good God gave them will see right through that lame reasoning to their real reason. They won't air this beautiful ad about life, but they will air scantily clad women selling just about anything. And I shutter to think about what half time will bring! That being said, NBC has also banned the PETA ad ("because according to them, sex just doesn't sell) that claims vegetarians have better sex. I just watched that ad and almost lost my breakfast! Click here if you can stomach it, and make sure your kids aren't anywhere in eyeshot of the computer screen.
My point in all this ranting is that NBC says "sex doesn't sell", but it must or they wouldn't air the more subtle forms of it. The Catholic Vote ad not only promotes life in general, but also the life of the president many of the "catholics" who will be watching the Superbowl, voted into office. The whole thing really is an outrage (but not surprising).
Julie D. over at Happy Cathoic is also outraged. She along with a friend have found the names and addresses of the powers that be at NBC. The network needs to hear from those who value life. Visit Happy Catholic for the contact information. Thanks Julie and Matt for the hard work in digging up this info.
As for me, I really don't have much use for TV these days. And while I enjoy a good football game as much as the next person, the Superbowl rarely falls into the category of good football.
Thank you, dear reader(s) for allowing me to vent.