Drop and Give Me 20!

Father John Corapi often says "Your Mama wears combat boots" when referring to Our Lady and her work in our lives. I think today I finally see first hand what he means. Somedays saying my Rosary is no easy task. New Jersey is in the middle of one of its infamous snow, rain sleet storms today; nothing debilitating- just a mess. But as a result of this, I did not make it out to Mass this morning, nor did I say my Rosary. I did spend about an hour with my Magnificat and prayed that way. Apparently that wasn't enough. I arrived at work in a semi-foul mood. A few minutes ago I realized I needed to do something to get out of it. That's when I heard it- "Drop and give me 20!" Our Blessed Mother was going to get at least some part of a Rosary today. So like any struggling daughter, I did what Mama said. I stopped what I was doing and managed to pray two decades of the Rosary. I have to admit, I do feel somewhat better. Mom really does know best.
Speaking of the Rosary, Nellie Edwards has a great article about praying the Rosary titled
"Don't Say It, Pray It".

*Note: I wanted to hyperlink Fr. Corapi, but his site is under construction/renovation until March 1. So not much to see there at this time.


Paul in the GNW said…
How true! Thanks for hearing her request and responding. She does the same thing to me.

Paul in the GNW